Avoiding the agency scams.

If you don’t know anything about digital marketing, you’re going to have to find someone who specializes in it. But just like trying to find a mechanic for your truck, this can be an expensive and tiring act of futility. It’s hard to know who to trust when you don’t know ANYTHING about marketing your business online.

Let me set the scene. A 30-something guy in casual dress clothes comes into your place of business and starts throwing words and phrases around like “Actionable” or “Conversion Attribution” or “Search Engine Optimization.” He says he can increase foot traffic in your store and get your business’ website to the “top of Google.” So you listen to this guy talk and you’re sure something isn’t right. You smell the bullshit, but you can’t quite find it. Why? Because you don’t really understand what he’s saying; all you know is that he says he can bring more customers to your business. Maybe you ignore your bullshit detector and let him give you some information about how his digital agency can help your business.

“Digital Marketing should be your top priority.”

He tells you that digital marketing should be your top priority. He says he did a little homework before he came and you’re way behind your competitors. He gives you charts that don’t really make any sense to you, some pictures of your website with notes attached to it and he says that this is something you need to address right away. This man sounds like a doctor giving you a cancer diagnosis – but he’s the only one that has the cure. Does this sound familiar?

Don’t Step in the Bullshit

We hate to be so crass, but honestly that’s about as blunt as we can be about this scenario. First of all, rest assured knowing that if you’ve been in business for over 24 months, you’re doing just fine. Almost 40% of businesses fail within the first two years. If you run a good business, the customers will always find you through word-of-mouth recommendations. Any digital agency that tells you that your business is failing or falling behind, without talking to you, is absolutely full of it. An analysis of your business isn’t just Googling you and your competitors, it’s about listening to your goals and trying to understand your situation. How can anyone market your business effectively without knowing your business goals?

The Cost

Any marketing agency that gives you a quote before they talk to you about your business or your goals is absolutely trying to take your money. No, really. They’re trying to steal from you. Buying digital advertising is not like buying TV time or a billboard. There is no set cost for any business because each business has a different set of goals. We’ve had clients ask us, “What’s the catch?” after presenting them with a quote after a proper analysis. Small businesses should not spend thousands of dollars on digital advertising in the first three months. Honestly, very few small businesses should ever spend that kind of money on digital advertising.

Online advertising takes time. Like fishing, it can be a long process of trial and error that requires patience – but once you find the right bait and the right spot, you’ll start catching fish with ease. It’s important to find out what works and what doesn’t before you invest all of your hard earned dollars into something that DOESN’T work. We understand that when you’re trying to run a small business, every dollar counts. That’s why we pride ourselves on over-performing and exceeding the results of other digital marketing agencies at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re a small business owner and you’d like to talk about your business goals, or just need advice, contact us today.