Stressed about GDPR Compliance?

Worried about not being GDPR Compliant?

Don’t worry. It’s no big deal.

So what is the GDPR? Basically it’s the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and it came into effect on May 25, 2018.

As a merchant, you are generally the controller of your customers’ data. This means that you collect your customers’ data and choose how it is handled. Additionally, though it is a European regulation, the GDPR might apply to your business if you make goods and services available in Europe, even if you or your business are not located in Europe.

But here’s the key: if you aren’t selling or storing customer data unrelated to your online sales then you’re already compliant. The next step is to delete customer data upon request, however you are entitled to keep records around for some length of time necessary to operate your business, which could be a number of years depending on your tax obligations.

GDPR is a badly written law meant to address large scale data mining. They did not consider the implications for small shops such as yours.

Don’t fret.

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What To Avoid When Choosing Your Digital Marketing Agency.

Avoiding the agency scams.

If you don’t know anything about digital marketing, you’re going to have to find someone who specializes in it. But just like trying to find a mechanic for your truck, this can be an expensive and tiring act of futility. It’s hard to know who to trust when you don’t know ANYTHING about marketing your business online.

Let me set the scene. A 30-something guy in casual dress clothes comes into your place of business and starts throwing words and phrases around like “Actionable” or “Conversion Attribution” or “Search Engine Optimization.” He says he can increase foot traffic in your store and get your business’ website to the “top of Google.” So you listen to this guy talk and you’re sure something isn’t right. You smell the bullshit, but you can’t quite find it. Why? Because you don’t really understand what he’s saying; all you know is that he says he can bring more customers to your business. Maybe you ignore your bullshit detector and let him give you some information about how his digital agency can help your business.

“Digital Marketing should be your top priority.”

He tells you that digital marketing should be your top priority. He says he did a little homework before he came and you’re way behind your competitors. He gives you charts that don’t really make any sense to you, some pictures of your website with notes attached to it and he says that this is something you need to address right away. This man sounds like a doctor giving you a cancer diagnosis – but he’s the only one that has the cure. Does this sound familiar?

Don’t Step in the Bullshit

We hate to be so crass, but honestly that’s about as blunt as we can be about this scenario. First of all, rest assured knowing that if you’ve been in business for over 24 months, you’re doing just fine. Almost 40% of businesses fail within the first two years. If you run a good business, the customers will always find you through word-of-mouth recommendations. Any digital agency that tells you that your business is failing or falling behind, without talking to you, is absolutely full of it. An analysis of your business isn’t just Googling you and your competitors, it’s about listening to your goals and trying to understand your situation. How can anyone market your business effectively without knowing your business goals?

The Cost

Any marketing agency that gives you a quote before they talk to you about your business or your goals is absolutely trying to take your money. No, really. They’re trying to steal from you. Buying digital advertising is not like buying TV time or a billboard. There is no set cost for any business because each business has a different set of goals. We’ve had clients ask us, “What’s the catch?” after presenting them with a quote after a proper analysis. Small businesses should not spend thousands of dollars on digital advertising in the first three months. Honestly, very few small businesses should ever spend that kind of money on digital advertising.

Online advertising takes time. Like fishing, it can be a long process of trial and error that requires patience – but once you find the right bait and the right spot, you’ll start catching fish with ease. It’s important to find out what works and what doesn’t before you invest all of your hard earned dollars into something that DOESN’T work. We understand that when you’re trying to run a small business, every dollar counts. That’s why we pride ourselves on over-performing and exceeding the results of other digital marketing agencies at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re a small business owner and you’d like to talk about your business goals, or just need advice, contact us today.

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Is Google Advertising Effective?

Why Google Works.

Digital Marketing in Columbus Georgia West Georgia and East Alabama Google Adwords

Think about every time you’ve been scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. What’s the one thing that annoys you the most? Well, besides your brother-in-law’s plates of food that keep showing up in your news feed. It’s the endless irrelevant advertisements, right? Social media marketing can be a powerful tool, but if used incorrectly it may do more harm than good for your brand. You can tell a lot about an agency on how they structure their social media ads for their clients. Regardless of what anyone says to you, a large social media marketing budget isn’t necessary; what is necessary is running the right kind of campaign. But one kind of campaign you can almost never go wrong with, is Google Adwords.

Targeting and Engagement.

The advantage of Google Adwords is that they only appear when a relevant search term is entered. What’s even more amazing about Google Adwords, is the ability to re-market to your audience based on their behavior. You can use pinpoint precision to target your audience based on what they search for and how they interact with your website. This is what makes Google Adwords so effective.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you don’t want to pay just for a click on your ad, you want to pay when someone buys something (that’s called a conversion) on your website. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it isn’t. This is just one of the many types of goals you can create with Google Adwords to help sell your products.

Ask yourself what you’re willing to pay for that kind of conversion. If you’re selling lawnmowers, you might be willing to pay quite a bit of money every time someone purchases one of the mowers on your website, right? That’s the beauty of Google Adwords – you set the price you’re willing to pay for each conversion and Google will put your ads in front of the right people who are more likely to buy your products.

If you’d like to know more about Google Advertising, give us a call or e-mail us.

Serving Columbus, GA, West Georgia and East Alabama.

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What exactly is SEO?

Here’s a simplified explanation:

Search Engine Optimization

Have you recently searched for your business on Google to see where you rank? Stop reading this right now and go check.

Disappointed? Don’t worry. There’s always room for improvement. Contrary to popular belief, Search Engine Optimization isn’t just for websites, it’s for your entire brand. That includes your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), your business accounts (LinkedIn, My Google Business Page) and your website.

It’s a vital marketing strategy for small businesses to drive organic traffic to their brand. Every business, from professional offices like lawyers, doctors and accountants, to contractors, roofers, plumbers and more, benefit from a solid SEO strategy to improve their natural rankings.

We collaborate with business owners and even TRAIN marketing managers in the Columbus, GA, West Georgia and East Alabama area to apply the best SEO and digital advertising strategies to achieve excellent results.

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